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1) The information bellow does not cover my question. How can I contact you?

For further assistance you can contact us by:
email info@eco.gr
Phone +30 2810 529000
Fax +30 2810 228844

2) How do I make a reservation?

On the main page of www.trans.gr select the ferry company and route you prefer.
On this new page click on "Reservation Request".
Please fill in all details, check they are correct and submit the form. Within 24 hours you
will receive an offer from us.

3) How can I pay for my reservation?
Once you have accepted our offer we give you 2 payment options:
a. by credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD or AMEX)
b. by bank transfer to our account in Greece or abroad.
ATTENTION! Payment cannot be made at the port office.

4) If I cancel my reservation, do I lose my money?
If you cancel your reservation 24 hours prior to departure we either make a full refund or we
credit the amount, i.e. you can use it for a future reservation.

5) Having confirmed the reservation, is there any chance I may not be allowed
    to board the ferry?

Port offices are open even 8 hours prior to departure. In our final confirmation to you we give
you a reservation code with which you check-in at the port and get all necessary embarkation
documents. All truck drivers are requested to check-in at least 3 hours before departure.
The only reason for not being allowed to board the ferry is if you have given us incorrect details,
eg. wrong vehicle length, undeclared transfer of dangerous goods (places for dangerous goods
cargo are limited) etc.

6) Other than the fares what else must I pay?
For the services that we offer we charge 20.00 EUR per truck per way.
This amount along with your fares is payable to our agency.
Upon arrival at the port you are requested to pay for the following:
10 - 15 EUR port taxes
15 - 20 EUR port office fees
18% VAT when travelling from Greece to Italy
20% VAT when travelling from Italy to Greece

7) Are truck drivers/co-drivers entitled to certain privileges?
Truck drivers travel free of charge with all ferry companies and are entitled to a 50% discount
in the restaurants and bars on board if they own a member card (applications can be made on
board) Co-drivers are entitled to certain discounts which vary according to the ferry company.

8) If my truck does not arrive at the port in time what must I do?
First of all the driver must inform the port office to inform of the estimated time of arrival.
If they are assured that they will wait for them then there is no problem. If not, please contact our
agency and we will try to book you on a different ferry with the same destination or to change
your existing reservation for the next day.

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